imagine what my body would sound like slamming against those rocks
and when it lands will my eyes be closed or open
[Insert Really Pretty `Friends Only` Banner here]

Well, okay. This is the deal. My journal is Friends Only [Yes, I am just emphasizing a very clear point]. I am not doing this as a clever way to exclude people, because, well, let's face it - no one should feel excluded from my journal. My reasoning for `Friends Only` is so that people who I wish to keep out of my life stay out of my life! [i.e. Bill Gates].
If you do wish to be my LJ friend forever, you can simply comment here and add me. I will look you over and check off on my list of important LJ friend criteria [i.e. Human, Not a war criminal, Doesn't secretly want me dead, and maybe has at least one thing in common with me] and will more than likely add you back.

[One day, I plan to have a Friends Only banner so that I can be cool. Unfortunately, that will have to wait.]

Thank you for your patience!

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glue to the world: Bright Eyes

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